Here it is!  Slokker's newest and most exciting product, the Penegal bicycle helmet!  Slokker's one-of-a-kind all-purpose bicycle helmet, manufactured in Germany (helmet) and Italy (visor), that:

  • hosts an integrated, movable visor that fits easily and comfortably over prescription eyeglasses.
  • has a scratch-resistant, photochromatic lens that transitions from light to dark or dark to light in changing outdoor lighting conditions.
  • is lightweight.
  • features flashing LED lights on the back for safety, along with a padded interior for comfort. 
  • is functional for either road or mountain biking.


The Visor, mounted directly on the helmet, holds a unique and patented photochromatic lens that is both scratch-resistant and shatterproof.  For added visual comfort or preference at any given time, the movable visor, attached at the side with durable hardware, can be worn up or down and secured in place with notched grooves that are set for both positions.


The Penegal comes complete with a storage bag and is available in 5 colors: 

Contact us for pricing and availability!