The people behind DB&E Sports Imports are two:  Dr. Bob Wishnoff, a
career mental health practitioner and passionate skier, and Dr. Eva
Joseph, a retired career educator, who took up skiing almost 20 years
ago to keep up with Bob.

In early 2015, during a ski trip to Cortina, Italy, Bob first
encountered a Slokker helmet and instantly thought it was terrific.
In fact, he loved its innovative design and unique features so much
that he took his new prize headgear with him to Aspen the following
month.  Everyone he met there wanted to know how they could get one for
themselves.  When Bob and Eva discovered that Slokker helmets were not
available anywhere in North America, they decided to start DB&E Sports
Imports to rectify the situation.  Today, their DB&E Sports Imports is
the sole distributor for Slokker helmets in the USA and Canada along
with other select protective headgear for the discerning skier,
snowboarder, and bike enthusiast.

Protecting your head has never been so simple, so effective - and so appealing!