Made in Italy, only Slokker produces a unique and patented 4-layer polarized and photochromatic (transition) lens with full-face viewing that responds instantly to changing lighting conditions.  

SlokkerSports offers helmets with attached, movable visors (goggles) along with a full line of specialized goggles. Helmets and goggles are available in an assortment of patterns and sizes that reflect your personality and style, including those that provide a comfortable fit over eyeglasses!

Experience Slokker's Unique Lens Technology

Slokker lenses have been technically engineered to offer superior high-tech features that include photochromatic and polarizing filters and 4-layer anti-reflection. The polarizing treatment allows to the lens to obtain the maximum yield for anti-glare and visual contrast. THE RESULT:  a reduction in annoying and sometimes dangerous glare of light.

The photochromatic lens, more familiarly known as transitional, changes color according to the amount of light (ultraviolet rays) that the surface of the lens receives. When there is much light, the lens becomes more 'dark'. On the other hand, when the light is reduced, the lens becomes more 'clear'. This lens is of particular benefit in environments that are subject to changes of illumination.

All lenses are produced with a polycarbonate, impact-resistant material affording a high degree of resistance to abrasion, as well as being flexible and resistant to breakage, scratching, and fog, and are water repellent. Lenses also have a marked quality of being de-centered meaning that they afford the wearer a wide, undistorted full field of view.